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Hydroponics Farming:

  • The term hydroponics is referred for growth of plants in water and sand culture.
  • It is also referred to as soil-free agriculture, test-tube farming, tank farming or chemical gardening. i.e., the technique of growing plants in a nutrient solution.
  • Professor Julius von Sachs, a German botanist published the formula, for the first time, that plants could be grown successfully to maturity in a defined nutrient solution in complete absence of soil.
  • This technique is employed to determine which mineral elements are essential for the growth and development of a certain plant.
  • This technique may be employed for the commercial production of vegetables such as carrot, seedless cucumber, radish, potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce and to increase yield of ornamental plants such as gladioli, snapdragon, roses and vegetables
  • It requires purified water and mineral nutrient salts, and the nutrient solutions must be adequately aerated to obtain the optimum growth.
  • Commercially the application of hydroponics involves the production of horticultural and floricultural crops.