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  1. Aneuploidy is a condition of chromosomal abnormality, in which a cell contains incorrect number of chromosomes.
  2. Normally a Human cell contains 46 chromosomes, difference in a pair of sex chromosomes which helps in the determination of sex in human beings.
  3. Considering that difference female and male have 23 pair of autosomes and a pair of sex chromosome which are XX and XY respectively.
  4. But in aneuploidy, chromosomes may appear in multiple copies that is called as abnormality in cell.
  5. Sometimes the abnormality progresses in the addition or deletion of any pair of chromosomes in the cell.
  6. Due to this the number of chromosomes in diploid cell varies, sometimes cell may has 3 copies of a particular gene (47 chromosomes) or may has only one chromosome instead of pair (45 chromosomes).