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Krebs cycle

1. It takes place in the cytoplasm of the cell.

1. It takes place in the mitochondria.

2. It is a linear pathway.

2. It is a cyclic pathway.

3. Oxygen is not required for glycolysis

3. It takes place only in the presence of oxygen, used as terminal oxidant.

4. It is a pathway for both the aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

4. It occurs in the aerobic respiration only.

5. Carbon dioxide is not evolved.

5. Carbon dioxide is evolved during the cycle.

6. Glycolysis is the first step in the respiration.

6. Krebs cycle is the second stage in the respiration.

7. Glucose is the substrate used in glycolysis.

7.  Acetyl coenzyme A is the substrate in Krebs cycle.

8.  2 ATP molecules are used up in this process.

8. No ATP molecules are consumed.

9. Produces 4 ATP molecule so net gain is 2 ATP.

9. Produces 2GTP molecules from 2 pyruvate molecules.

10. Pyruvic acid is the end product of glycolysis which undergoes oxidative decarboxylation and enters the Krebs cycle.

10. Oxalo acetic acid is the end product of Krebs cycle which again gets cycled by combing with acetyl CoA in the next cycle.

11. 1 molecule glucose yields 2NADH+ H+.

11. 2 pyruvate molecules yield 6 NADH+ H+ ad FADH2 molecules.