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The main characteristics of Myxophyceae are;

  1. Myxophyceae also known as cyanophyceae; the algae of this family commonly known as blue green algae.
  2. The cell wall is made up cellulose and pectic compound surrounded by gelatinous sheath.
  3. The blue green colour is due to the presence of blue green pigment called phycocyanin.
  4. Other pigments are phycoerythrin, chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, xanthophyll and carotenoids.
  5. Reserve food materials are oil drops and proteineous body called cyanophycean granules.
  6. Presence of incipient nucleus present at the central region.
  7. Some of the members show a phenomenon called as complementary chromatic adaptation or Gaidukov phenomenon.
  8. Vegetative reproduction occurs by cell division and hormogonium formation.
  9. Sexual reproduction is completely absent.
  10. Some of the members grow in symbiotic association.