What are the characteristics of adolescence period?

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The characteristics of adolescence stage are:

  1. Development of secondary sexual characters in both sexes.
    1. In males → Broadening of shoulders, increased muscular and bone growth, increase in height, appearance of hair on face, chest, pubis, etc., deepening of voice.
    2. In females → Broadening of pelvis, growth of pubic and axillary hair, enlargement of breasts, broadening of buttocks due to deposition of subcutaneous fat.
  2. Development of moral reasoning.
  3. Frequent mood swings and emotional turbulence due to increased production of hormones (sex hormones).
  4.  Increase in the size of sex organs in both sexes.
    1. In males → Increase in the size of scrotum and penis under the influence of testosterone.
    2. In females → Enlargement of uterus, increase in ciliated epithelial cells of fallopian tube, stratification of cuboidal epithelium of vagina under influence of estrogen hormone of the ovary.