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Artificial methods of vegetative propagation are methods used by horticulturists for quick production of plants.

In this method, portion of a plant body is separated mechanically from the parent plant to propagate new plants.

1. Cutting:

In this process, a plant is produced by cutting a vegetative portion from the parent plant and growing it in a suitable nutrient medium under favourable conditions.

Some of the common cuttings include:


Type of Cutting



Root cutting

Tamarind, Lemon, Apple


Stem cutting

Grapes, Sugarcane, Rose


Leaf cutting

Bryophyllum, Peperomia

2. Grafting:

Grafting is an art joining parts of two plants in such a way that they unite and continue to grow as one composite plant.

Some of the common methods of grafting are Tongue grafting, Wedge grafting, Crown grafting, etc.

3.  Budding:

  1. In this method, a single bud along with a piece of bark is used as a scion.
  2. A ‘T’ or ‘I’ shaped incision is made upto the bark in the stock.
  3. A single bud with a little bark is then inserted in the slit of the stock.
  4. Both are tied by polythene.
  5. Bud germinates after a period of 3 weeks and a new plant is generated.
  6. This method is used for the propagation of Rose, Mulberry and Rubber.