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The zygote is the first cell of sporophytic generation which is a diploid formed by the fusion of haploid antherozoids and haploid egg. The zygote enlarges in size and forms the sporogonium it represent the sporophyte or the spore bearing generation. The mature sporogonium is differentiated into i. Foot, ii. Seta, iii. Capsule.

Foot: The foot is the basal anchor portion of the sporogonium. It anchors the sporogonium and absorbs water and nutrients from the gametophyte.

Seta: Seta is the short thick portion of young sporogonium which connects the capsule with the foot.

Capsule: The capsule is the oval part which occupies the distal end of sporogonium. It encloses a mass of spores and elaters within a single layered wall.