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Leaf anatomy in C3 plants: Leaves of C3 plants show only one type of cell called mesophyll cells which contain mesophyll chloroplast thus in these plants C3 pathway occur. These plants show normal leaf anatomy.

Leaf anatomy in C4 plants: Leaves of C4 plants show two type of cells viz. outer mesophyll cells and inner spongy bundle sheath cells arranged in a circular manner like a necklace thus leaves of C4 plants contain two types of chloroplast viz. mesophyll chloroplast and bundle sheath chloroplast i.e. dimorphic chloroplast. Thus in these plants C4 pathway occurs. This anatomy of leaves in C4 plants is called Kranz anatomy.enlightened

the facts are right, but you got the names switched around. C4 has Kranz anatomy. Im looking at a Baron's book right now, so I know what Im saying.
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