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Male Acessory Ducts major function can be considered as these ducts store and transport sperms from the testis to the outside through urethra and consists of 

Rete testis;

Vasa efferentia; helps in conducting sperms due to presence of cillia

Epididymis; stores the sperms and nourishes them with the help of unknown fluid

Vasa deferntia; they carry sperms only

where as

Male Acessory Glands major function is to produce Seminal plasma in turn which consists of many enzymes, fructose, calcium, citric acid, prostaglandins etc and consists of

Seminal Vesicles; secretes an alkaline secretion which makes 60% volume of seminal plasma(semen) with prostaglandins which stimulate uterine contractions for movement of sperms towards ovary duct. in addition it also secretes Fructose which provides a forensic test for rape.  

Prostate Gland; its secretion nourishes and leads to activation of spermatozoa to swim. It also contains Citric acid which is a sperm nutrient.  

pair of Cowper's Gland (Bulbourethral gland); secretes mucus which helps in lubrication of penis

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