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Molybdenum in Plants:

  • Molybdenum is highly mobile in the xylem and the phloem
  • Plants obtain molybdenum in the form of molybdate ions (MoO22+).
  • Affects synthesis of ascorbic acid; converts nitrates to amino acids
  • A component of several enzymes, including nitrogenase and nitrate reductase (as plays an important role in the metabolism of nitrogen)

Deficiency symptoms

Deficiency symptoms of Molybdenum:

  • Molybdenum deficiency (occurs mainly on acid soils) leads to mottling and wilting of leaves at the margins
  • The deficiency appears as "yellow spot" disease in Citrus plant and "Whiptail" disease in cauliflowers that causes narrowing of leaf blades and their rugged appearance due to distortion.
  • Flower formation is inhibited and damage of embryonic tissue is seen too.