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The Rib Cage or the Thoracic cage consists of 37 Bones.

It is formed by:

a) One Sternum Bone (Also called as Breast Bone): It consists of the Manubrium, the body and Xiphoid Process.

b) Twelve pairs of Ribs:

1) TRUE RIBS: 1st to 7th pair of ribs. (Vertebrosternal ribs)

2) FALSE RIBS: 8th to 10th pair of ribs. (Vertebrochondral ribs)

3) FLOATING RIBS: 11th to 12th pair of ribs (Vertebral Ribs)

4) GORILLA RIBS: 13th pair of ribs (Extra Rib. Only present in some individuals)

c) Twelve Thoracic vertebrae

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