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Genetically modified plants are produced by inserting the desired gene of interest in the plant genome.


  1. Bt cotton is produced by inserting the gene ‘cry’ which codes for the Cry protein.
  2. The cry gene was obtained from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis.
  3. This cry gene produces proteins toxic to natural pests of cotton, i.e. Bollworms.
  4. By using Agrobacterium mediated gene transfer, cry gene was successfully inserted in the genome of Cotton which made it resistant to the Bollworms.
  5. Other examples of transgenic plant which were made resistant to pests include tomato and tobacco.
  6. Since the transgenic plant itself in naturally able produce proteins which are fatal to the pest, there would be no need for use of chemical pesticides.
  7. Thus, the usage of chemical pesticides will fall drastically thus preventing soil and water pollution.
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