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  1. DNA is a polynucleotide having a specific sequence of deoxyribonucleotide units, which are covalently joined through the bond called 3’, 5’-phosphodiester bond.
  2. RNA is a polyribonucleotide of a specific sequence linked by successive 3',5'-phosphodiester bonds.
  3. Role of DNA is the storage and transmission of genetic information whereas RNA transfers genetic code for the translation of proteins.
  4. DNA is a double stranded molecule whereas RNA is a single stranded molecule.
  5. RNA contains uracil as a base but DNA contains thymine as a base.
  6. Therefore the pairing of bases in RNA is A-U where as in DNA it is A-T.
  7. Deoxyribose sugar in DNA is less reactive due to C-H bonds whereas ribose in RNA is more active due to C-OH bonds.
  8. DNA is stable in alkaline conditions but RNA is not.
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