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The characteristics of Eubacteria are:

  1. They are unicellular, prokaryotic microscopic cells
  2. Their cell membrane contain lipids made up of glycerol-ester lipids
  3. The cell wall is made up of Peptidoglycan (Murein)
  4. Chromosome is circular and nucleosomes maybe present
  5. Genetic exchange takes place through unidirectional or bidirectional DNA transfer
  6. Ribosomes are of 70S type made up of two subunits i.e; 50S-Larger subunit and 30S-Smaller subunit
  7. Coupled transcription and translation takes place
  8. They can be grouped under two categories: Gram positive bacteria and Gram negative bacteria depending on the nature of the cell wall and the stain which they take up during Gram’s staining. 

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