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There are two types of gene library:

  1. Genomic Library: is the collection of cloned DNA segments that represents an entire genome of an organism.
  • It contains total nuclear DNA of an organism or species.
  • This cloned DNA segments are cut by the enzyme restriction endonuclease and then inserted into specific vectors.
  • It contains whole genomic fragments such as gene exon and introns, gene promoters, intragenic DNA, origin of replication, etc.
  • The below figure explains construction of library:

Gene Library

  1. cDNA Library: is the collection of complementary DNA produced from mRNA that is present in nucleus.
  • In the eukaryotes, formation of cDNA from mature mRNA is done by reverse transcriptase enzyme.
  • This library contains single stranded DNA.
  • It is an important tool for the study of molecular hybridisation and cloning technology.
  • The below figure explains construction of cDNA library:

cDNA library

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