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Fishery deals with the collection, preservation, utilization and export of consumable aquatic animals such as fishes, crustaceans like lobsters and prawns and mollusks like edible oysters.

Fishery is of great importance to human beings. It is easily accessible and valuable source of proteinaceous food. Malnutrition and inverse proportion between the food products and rising population necessitates the development of fisheries to bridge the gap between population and food production.

Some of the important and useful products and their uses obtained from fishes are cited in the table given below:


Product obtained

Value and Use


Fish Oil

Medicinal value. Rich source of Vitamin A, D and E


Fish flour

Rich in proteins and easily digestible


Fish guano and Fish meal

Serves as a nutritious need for cattle, birds, pigs. Also used as manure in tea and coffee plantations


Fish silage

Used as fish meal( high nutritive value)


Fish solubles

Rich in proteins and Vitamin B complex. Used as animal diet


Shark’s fin

Used in soups


Fish skin

Used in preparing shoes, handbags etc.


Fish glue

Prepared from fish bones

In some areas due to encroachment, water is the only major source available to obtain food. Therefore, fisheries have immense potential to provide food for the ever expanding population.

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