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Chromoplast and their functions:

  1. Chromoplast imparts color and found in some cells of more complex plants.
  2. The three types of plastids are chloroplasts, chromoplasts and leucoplasts.
  3. Chromoplasts are coloured plastids other than green and found in coloured parts of plants such as petals of the flower, pericarp of the fruits etc. Due to the presence of carotenoid pigments they are orange, yellow or red in color.
  4. The primary functions of chromoplasts are synthesis and accumulation of carotenoid pigments.
  5. Though similar to chloroplasts in size, chromoplasts differ significantly in shape, often appear angular.
  6. Found in fruits, flowers, roots, and stressed and aging leaves; available in large quantities in ripe tomatoes, carrot tap roots, daffodil flower petals, sweet potato tubers or red peppers.
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