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The three different methods of emasculation are:

Forcep or Scissor method:

  • The bud of the flower is opened carefully and the anthers are removed from their base using a pair of finely pointed forceps or scissor.
  • This method can be used in case of large flowers. E.g. Tomato, Cotton, Brinjal

Hot or cold water method:

  • This method is used in plants with small flowers in which manual removal of flowers is tedious.
  • Emasculation is done by dipping the inflorescence in hot water (45oC to 53oC) for 1 to 10 minutes. Cold water or alcohol can also be used for the same.
  • This method is used in case of Jowar, Bajra and Rice.

Suction pressure method:

  • Emasculation may also be achieved using suction pressure techniques.