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The flowers are developed from the axils of the bract, these are leaves like structure. Bract protects the flower in the bud condition. If the bract is present the flower is called as bracteate. If the bract is absent then the flower is called as ebracteate. Whereas in bracteoles are also bract like structure present on the pedicel of the flower between the bract and the flower. These are small and thin than the bract. It may be one or two in number. If the bracteoles are present the flower is called bracteolate and if the bracteole is absent then the flower is called as ebracteolate.

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Brach is a small leaf-like structure on the peduncle which produces a flower in its axil. The floral buds are usually protected by the bracts.


A bracteole is a small leaf on the flower stalk (pedicel)

It is also known as secondary bract.

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