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Reticulate venation is of two types they are:

(i) Pinnately reticulate venation

(ii) Palmately reticulate venation.

In the pinnately reticulate venation there is only one midrib which is running from the base of the leaves to its apex. So it is also called as unicostate venation. From the midrib many lateral veins and veinlets are arising forming a network pattern. Example: Mango.

In palmately reticulate venation there is more number of main veins arising from the base of the leaf. So it is otherwise called as multicostate type. Palmately reticulate or multicostate venation is again divided into two they are:

(i) Palmately reticulate (Divergent)

(ii) Pinnately reticulate (Convergent).

If the main veins diverge then it is called as Palmately reticulate (Divergent). If the main veins converge towards the tip then it is known as Pinnately reticulate (Convergent).

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