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There are in numerous lymph nodes in the whole body, nearly 500-600 lymph node are present and clusters are found in the underarms, groin, neck, chest, and abdomen.

Lymph nodes of the Head and Neck:

Cervical Lymph node

Lymph nodes of the Lungs:

The lymphatic fluid is drained out of the lung through the lobar, interlobar, segmental and subsegmental lymph nodes. These lymph nodes are present at the hilum of both right and left lung. The hilum is the pedicle; it attaches both the lungs to the structures of the mediastinum, which contains pulmonary artery, the pulmonary veins, the bronchus, and some nerves and the lymphatics. From the lungs the lymphatic fluid is flown in to the mediastinal lymph nodes.

Lymph nodes of the mediastinum:

The lymph nodes present here are in the group. They are generally present along the esophagus, between the diaphragm and the lungs and also along the trachea (there are 5 groups of lymph nodes present along the trachea). The Lymphatic fluid now from the mediastinal lymph nodes goes in to the lymphatic duct, which drains it in to left subclavian vein.

There is a connection between the mediastinal lymph nodes of the oesophagus and the abdominal lymph nodes of the oesophagus and the stomach. Hence, when there is cancer present in the individual, the cancerous cells or the tumor cells spread via these lymphatic routes, especially when there is cancer of oesophagus and stomach. The lymphatic fluid of the mediastinal lymph node drains in to the thoracic duct. From here the lymphatic fluid is drained in to the subclavian vein (further to the venous angle which is in connection with the subclavian and deep jugular veins).

Lymph nodes present in arm:

The lymph nodes of the arm drain the complete arm, and they are classified in to two groups, the superficial lymph nodes of the arm and the deep lymph nodes of the arm.

The Superficial lymph nodes of the arm: These lymph nodes are supplied by the lymphatic ducts, which are present in whole arm, but are numerously present along the flexor aspect of the digits and the palm.

  1. Deltoideopectoral lymph nodes: These lymph nodes are present between the pectoralis major muscle and the deltoid muscle, which is inferior to the clavicle.
  2. Supratrochlear lymph nodes: These lymph nodes are present medial to the basilic vein and above medial epicondyles of the humerus. These drain the dermatomes of the C7 and C8.

The Deep lymph nodes of the arm:

There is presence of the axillary nodes in the deep lymph nodes. These are nearly 20-30 single nodes. They can be sub-classified as follows:

  1. Posterior or Subscapular lymph nodes
  2. Central of intermediate lymph nodes
  3. Medial or Subclavicular lymph nodes
  4. Lateral lymph nodes
  5. Anterior of pectoral lymph nodes

Lymph nodes of the lower limbs:

  1. The Popliteal lymph nodes.
  2. The Superficial inguinal lymph nodes.
  3. The Deep inguinal lymph nodes.