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Difference between asexual and sexual reproduction

Asexual Reproduction

Sexual Reproduction

1. Vegetative cells or Spores are involved

1. Gametes (Male and Female) are involved

2. Only one parent is involved

2. One or Two parents are involved

3. All the offsprings have same genetic makeup as that of the parent

3. Genetic variation in the offspring

4. Meiosis is not always necessary

4. Meiosis is necessary

5. Useful in maintain the purity of characters and vegetative propagation of economically important crops

5. Useful in plant breeding and crop improvement

6. It is common in single celled animals like Amoeba and occurs in many plants too.

6. This is the mode of reproduction in plants, animals and also in some fungi.

7. Fusion of gametes or cells not involved

7. Fusion of gametes or cells is involved


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