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The Similarities

  • A basic similarity is the cell parts, many cell parts are found in both types of cells.
  • They are both Eukaryotic cells, meaning, "Good nut," and nut meaning nucleus, because Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus.
  • Many of the parts serve for the same purpose.
  • Both divide to create new cells

The Differences

  • Even though most of the parts are the same, not all are.
  • The shape of the cell is different, a plant cell is rectangular, an animal cell is square.
  • Only the plant cell goes through the process of photosynthesis
  • Only a plant cell has a cell wall holding it straight up in the air.
  • Even though both have a vacuole, the vacuole in a plant cell is much larger, it can take up to 90% of the space in the cell. Still, the vacuole serves for the same purpose.
An animal cell is rounded.
But red blood cells have no nucleus
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