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How does temperature affect enzyme activity?

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  1. Enzyme action is greatly affected by temperature.
  2. The velocity of an enzyme catalyzed reaction increases with increase in temperature upto the maximum and then declines.
  3. An enzyme is active within a narrow range of temperature.
  4. The temperature at which enzyme shows maximum activity is called as Optimum Temperature.
  5. If the temperature is increased by 10°C, the rate of most chemical reactions is doubled.
  6. The range of optimum temperature is 25 - 40°C.
  7. In general, when enzymes are exposed to temperatures above 50°C, it leads to denaturation of the enzymes. The tertiary conformation of enzymes is deranged and active sites are seen.
  8. Majority of the enzymes become inactive at higher temperatures above 70°C.
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