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Vegetative reproduction takes place by different methods. They are:

  1. Cell division: In certain unicellular members reproduction takes place by cell division. This type of reproduction is found in diatoms, euglena etc. It is sometimes known as binary fission.
  2. Fragmentation: In this type of reproduction the parent filaments break into fragments. Then each fragment develops into each organism; it is found in filamentous as well as colonial forms. Fragmentation takes place in Ulothrix, Spirogyra, and Nostoc etc.
  3. Hormogonia: In some blue green algae the fragments undergoes a gliding movement which are called hormogonia. Each hormogonium develops into new organisms. Oscillatoria, Nostoc etc. undergoes hormogonia formation.
  4. Autocolony: Autocolony formation occurs in coennobial algae. Each cell within the parent colony can give rise to new miniature colony.
  5. Akinetes: It is the type of reproduction very common in the blue green as well as green algae. These akinetes are a type vegetative cell which is thick walled and will overcome the unfavourable conditions. These akinetes then develops into new plants as in Oedogonium, Ulothrix.
  6. Bulbils: A bud like structure develops usually on the rhizoids; these are known as bulbils. Each bulbil develops into new ones.
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