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White matter vs gray matter

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Following is the difference between white matter and the grey matter: 


White matter

Grey matter



The White matter is also known as Substantia alba.

The Grey matter is also known as Substantia Grisea.


The white matter is made up of extending, myelinated Nerve fibres, or the axons

The grey matter is made up of Nerve cell body.


The white matter looks white due to presence of Myelin sheath.

The grey matter appears grey due to presence of grey nuclei in the cells


The white matter occupies 60 percent of the brain.

The grey matter occupies 40 percent of the brain.


The axons are protected from by the myelin sheath, which provides insulation from the electrical processes allowing to perform nerve signals more rapidly.

There is no myelinated sheath in grey matter.


The white matter allows communication to the grey matter areas and from the grey matter areas, and between the grey matter and the other parts of the body.

The processing part is completed in the grey matter.


The function of the white matter is the transmission of information from the different parts of the body towards the cerebral cortex. It also controls temperature, blood pressure, and the heart rate. It also supplies the hormone, controls the food and the water, presentation of emotions are some more functions of the white matter.

The functions of the white matter are the control over the senses of the body, i.e. speech, hearing, feeling, seeing, and memory. Even muscle control is the function of the white matter.


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