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  1. Eggs are produced by the ovaries and sperms are produced by testis.
  2. The size of the egg cell is larger than the sperm cell.
  3. The sperm contains a tail for locomotion whereas egg (ovum) is stable structure.
  4. Sperm contains enzymes responsible and also helpful for the insertion into egg during fertilization process by which a new generation develops.
  5. Ovum is produced on the 14th day of the cyclic process of 28 days called as menstrual cycle whereas sperm produces continuously.
  6. Life span of sperm in the genital tract is 72 hours whereas life span of ovum is 48 hours.
  7. The production of sperm requires low temperature compare to the production of ovum.
  8. During ovulation, one ovum is produced whereas by ejaculation numbers of sperms are released. (approximately billions are present in 3 to 4 ml of semen) 
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