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Effects of alcohol addiction/consumption are:

1. Acute symptoms:

With increasing doses of alcohol, the muscular co-ordination, speech and vision are impaired and thought processes are confused. With further elevated doses, the individual loses his/her consciousness and in extreme cases it may be fatal.

2. Gastritis:

The epithelial lining of stomach is damaged and it gets inflamed resulting in loss of appetite, nausea, pain, vomiting, bleeding from stomach and later on ulcerations i.e. gastric ulcers.

3. Liver cirrhosis:

It is the hardening of liver due to degenerative changes that results in the replacement of  liver cells by fibrous tissue leaving behind a scar tissue.

4. Liver cancer:

Chronic alcoholism can lead to liver cancer which is fatal.

5. Lowered resistance:

Alcohol decreases the immunity of the body and lowers resistance to diseases especially pneumonia.

6. Economic and social problems:

Neglect of job, poverty, traffic accidents etc.

7. Amnesia:

Loss of memory

8. Withdrawal syndrome ( Dilirium Tremens):

It lasts for 7-10 days after stoppage or reduction of alcohol intake. The patient has disorientation and often coarse tremors usually worse at night. Also, sweating, dilated pupils, increased heart rate, raised blood pressure and sometimes convulsions occur. Visual hallucinations are also common. 

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