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A. Industries:

  1. Industries should use pollutant controlling equipments like electrostatic precipitators, scrubbers, absorbers, neutralizers, etc.
  2. Industries should release their gaseous waste through sufficiently tall and properly designed smokestacks.
  3. Pollutants if possible should be recycled to produce useful products.

B. Auto mobiles:

  1. Auto mobiles should be equipped with catalytic convertors which reduce the pollutants in the exhaust.
  2. Use of auto mobiles should be minimized.
  3. Use of lead and sulphur free petroleum in Auto mobiles.

C. Legislature:

  1. Nuclear tests should be banned.
  2. More trees should be planted as they help to filter out pollutants.
  3. Use of solar energy as an alternative source of energy.
  4. Overcrowding in cities should be avoided.
  5. Laws controlling air pollution should be enforced.

D. Education:

  1. People should be educated through mass media about the hazards of pollutions.
  2. Problem of air pollution is more serious than water pollution since we have no control over the air we breathe.
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