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The maintenance of poultry needs certain requisites such as:

1. Good houses:

  1. The houses should be well ventilated with sufficient space and water for cleaning.
  2. There should be no trouble of mice or other carnivores.
  3. The birds must be kept in separate houses depending upon their ages.

2. Floor:

  1. The floor of the house should be soft and absorptive.
  2. Usually made of husk of wheat, rice ground nut hulls, dry leaves and saw dust.

3. Water:

Drinking water must be running. Filtered water in feeding bottle is used.

4. Food:

  1. Food is of varied types for baby chicks and chicken of above 14 days.
  2. It includes products or byproducts of agriculture like mashed grains of wheat, rice, maize, barley, rice polishing, meat meal, green vegetables, carrot and skimmed milk.
  3. To prevent birds from being infected, antibiotics, vitamins and minerals are added to the food.

5. Light and temperature:

  1. Arrangement should be made to provide enough light and optimum temperature.
  2. Incubators for incubating eggs are also installed in the modern poultry farm.

6. Good drainage system: It is essential to keep the poultry yard clean to avoid parasitic invasions.

7. Control of diseases:

  1. Viral and bacterial diseases like Ranikhet, Coryza causes death of fowls. However, these and other diseases can be controlled and prevented by good management, proper nutrition and vaccination of newly born chicks.
  2. Administration of sulfa drugs and broad spectrum antibiotics, etc. can help in curing several diseases.
  3. Veterinarian should be consulted.
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