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What is the economic significance of Sericulture?

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A. In business:

  1. Sericulture is a small scale, agro based cottage industry.
  2. In India, the sericulture is carried out in 27500 villages.
  3. It provides self employment.

B. As source of Employment:

  1. In different states of India more than 4 million people are employed in sericulture.
  2. Thus, sericulture jobs and is a source of income.

C. Clothing:

  1. Sericulture substitutes the cotton textile industry.
  2. Fine delicate clothes are prepared form silk threads.
  3. Silk threads are also exported. India gets large foreign exchange by silk experts.

D. Importance of silk:

There are many other uses of silk:

  1. Silk is used in the preparation of garments.
  2. Silk is used in the preparation of parachute cords.
  3. Preparation of fishing line and elastic webs.
  4. In preparation of race tyres of cars and two wheelers.
  5. In insulation coils for telephone and wireless receivers.
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