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Structure of mature antheridium:

A single antheridium is present inside the antheridial chamber, which opens to the upper surface of the disc of antheridiophore. The mature antheridium is differentiated into short few celled stalk and a large oval body. The body is covered by a layer of single sterile jacket which encloses large number of small androcytes. These androcytes which get metamorphosed into the antherozoids. The antherozoids are small rod shaped or coiled, uninucleate and biflagellate.

Structure of mature archegonium:

The mature archegonium is flask shaped structure consisting of short and few celled stalk with a globular venter and long neck. The neck consists of a single layered tube of 6-9 tiers of cells arranged I the vertical rows. The neck canal encloses neck canal cells and the apical region of the neck is covered by four cover cells. So the swollen venter consists of single layered wall which encloses a venter canal cell and a large egg. But when the archegonium matures these venter canal cells and the neck canal cell disintegrates and become mucilaginous which can absorb water and swells up. This creates a pressure on the cover cell which get separated and a passage is created down to the egg.

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