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A mature human sperm cell has snake like structure. It has following parts - head, neck, middle piece and tail.

Head: It is spherical in shape consisting of large nucleus and a dome shaped acrosome present on the nucleus.

Function: Nucleus contain genetic information and half number of chromosomes. The acrosome releases a hyaluronidase enzyme which destroys the hyaluronic acid of the ovum and enters into the ovum.

Neck: It contains centrioles which are proximal centriole and distal centriole.

Function: Distal centriole gives rise to axial filament of the sperm which runs up to the end of the tail.

Middle piece: It is tubular structure in which mitochondria are spirally arranged.

Function:  Middle piece is called power house of sperm because it gives energy to the sperm to swim in the female genital tract.

Tail: It arises from middle piece and it is the end part of the sperm. It contains axial filaments.

Function: Tail helps the sperm to swim in the female genital tract. It is the main part of sperm to move.enlightened

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