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Zinc (Zn) is the very essential element in the plant for the activity of the enzymes like carboxylase.

It is absorbed in its ion form Zn++.

Needed in the synthesis of auxin, an essential growth hormone

Plays a role in protein synthesis besides regulation and consumption of sugars

Also essential for starch formation, stalk maturation, root development and for the formation of chlorophyll and carbohydrates

Deficiency symptoms

  1. Stunted growth (Causes distortion of growth; Interveinal chlorosis and stunted growth of stems is observed)
  2. Leaves become very small and resettled called as little leaf disease.
  3. Yellowing of mesophyll of leaves
  4. Symptoms appear on older leaves first.
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Deficiency symptoms of zinc are: Little leaf, leaf rosettes, leaf malformations, white bud, whip tip of maize, Khaira disease of rice.

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