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The union of stamens when takes place among themselves is called as cohesion.

There are three different types of cohesion of stamens:




1. Adelphous( 3-types)

Filaments are fused, anthers free.

Fused filaments form staminal tube.


a. Monoadelphous

Filaments of all stamens fused to form one bundle

Hibiscus, Cotton, Ladies finger

b. Diadelphous

Filaments of all stamens fused to form two bundles

Pea, Bean, Clitoria

c. Polyadelphous

More than two bundles of filaments

Citrus, Lemon

2. Syngenesious

Anthers fused, filaments  free

Sunflower, Tridax

3. Synandrous

Both anthers and filaments are fused

Cucumber, Cucurbita, Cucumis


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