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The lateral appendages present at the leaf base are called as stipules. Stipules show wide range of structural diversity. The main types of stipules are:

(i) Free-lateral: The two stipules are free and found on either side of the petiole base. Example: Hibiscus

(ii) Adnate: The stipules are partially fused Example: Rose

(iii) Intrapetiolar: The stipule is present at the axil of leaf; two stipules fused to form a single structure Example: Gardenia

(iv) Interpetiolar: The stipules lying between the adjacent petiole fuse i.e. stipule of adjacent leaves is fused. Example: Ixora

(v) Ochreate: The two stipules fused to form a tube like structure

(vi) Foliaceous: The leaf blade is modified into tendrils and stipules and are foliaceous.

(vii) Tendrillar: Stipules are modified into tendrils Example: Smilax

(viii) Spiny: The stipules are modified into spines. Example: Acacia.

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