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The important characteristic features of the bryophytes are:

  1. Bryophytes are the plants growing in moist and shady places.
  2. Bryophytes are thalloid organisms with simple multicellular body.
  3. Bryophytes are known as the non- vascular plant since the xylem and phloem is absent.
  4. They do not have root, stem or leaves.
  5. It possesses a stem, root and leaf like structure; root like structure is known as the rhizoids.
  6. The plants are green possess chloroplast and they are autotropic.
  7. Bryophytes are considered as the amphibians of the plant kingdom.
  8. Reproduction occurs both by vegetative and sexual methods.
  9. The vegetative reproduction occurs by formation of gemmae, protonema and bulbils.
  10. Sexual reproduction is oogamous which involves gametogenesis and syngamy.
  11. Antheridia are club shaped and stalk like structure with a sterile sheath called the jacket.
  12. Antheridium encloses sperms or antherozoids.
  13. Archegonia are flask shaped structure having the stalk, the venter and the neck.
  14. The Venter encloses the single egg and the. venter canal cell.
  15. The zygote represents sporophytic generation which transforms to oospores.
  16. The sporogonium is concerned with the production of spores.
  17. Water is essential for the fertilization.
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