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  1. The plants are usually thalloid in nature.
  2. The roots are absent instead it is replaced by the root like unicellular or the multicellular structure the rhizoids.
  3. The cell walls are made up of cellulose.
  4. The reserve food materials are the starch.
  5. The mode of nutrition is autotrophic since it possesses chloroplast.
  6. Vascular tissue like xylem and phloem are absent which are the characteristics of higher plants.
  7. Gametophytic phase is the dominant phase in the life cycle.
  8. Formation of flagellate and motile sperms; usually whiplash flagella.
  9. Water is needed for fertilization.
  10. The young gametophytic phases of most mosses are green and filamentous which resembles the thallus of green algae.
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