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Red algae

Brown algae

1. Members of the family rhodophyceae commonly known as red algae.

1. Members of the family phaeophyceae are commonly known as the brown algae.

2. Photosynthetic pigments are phycoerythrine and phycocyanin.

2. Photosynthetic pigment are fucoxanthin, chlorophyll a, chlorophyll c and other carotenoids.

3. Floridean starch is the reserve food material present in the red algae.

3. Laminarin and Manitol is the reserve food materials present in the brown algae.

4. Cell wall contains physcocolloid like agar and carrageenin.

4. Cell wall contains cellulose and phycocolloids the alginic acid.

5. Unicellular form is present.

5. Unicellular forms are completely absent.


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