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Saccharina latissima NOAA

The characteristics of the brown algae are:

  1. The pigment present in brown algae is the brown containing yellow fucoxanthin, Chl a, Chl C, and other carotenoids.
  2. The cell wall contains cellulose and phycocolloid; the alginic acid.
  3. Reserve food material is the manitol as well as the polysaccharides laminarin and fats.
  4. The brown algae are found as simple filamentous forms and also a giant one.
  5. The unicellular forms are absent.
  6. The large brown algae are known as the trees of sea or kelps.
  7. Reproduction is sexual; isogamous as well as the oogamous reproduction is common.
  8. Life cycle shows alternation of generation.