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There is no curative treatment for the HIV infection presently. Therefore, the control measures are mainly supportive and experimental.

The preventive and control measures for AIDS include:

  1. People should be educated through newspapers, T.V., advertisements, hoardings, through popular lectures and articles.
  2. Disposable needles and syringes should be used.
  3. Regular screening of blood and blood products for HIV, especially during transfusion.
  4. Proper sterilization of surgical instruments before operation.
  5. A woman who is HIV positive should avoid pregnancy.
  6. Sharing of razors, tooth brushes, with infected person should be avoided.
  7. Use of high quality condoms during sexual intercourse.
  8. AIDS patients should not be allowed to donate blood, body organs and semen.
  9. Prevention of spread of AIDS require constant surveillance, reporting and record keeping.  
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