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1. The plants are mostly woody perennials.

1. The plants are of varying habit maybe annuals, biennials or perennials.

2. Most of them are common in dry habitat.

2. It is found in the wide variety of habitat.

3. The reproductive structure is the cone.

3. Flowers are the reproductive structure.

4. Presence of naked seeds. They are fruitless seed plants.

4. The seeds are developed inside the ovary which develops into fruits.

5. The cones are unisexual.

5. The flowers maybe unisexual or bisexual.

6. Pollen grains germinate directly on the micropyle.

6. Pollen grains germinate on the stigmatic surface and pollen tube that carries the male gametes to the ovary.

7. Ovules are naked or exposed.

7. Ovules are present inside the ovary.

8. Simple fertilization occurs.

8. Double fertilization occurs.

9. Endosperm is haploid.

9. Endosperm is triploid.

10. Gymnosperms are wind pollinated.

10. Angiosperms are insect pollinated.

11. Anatomy of gymnosperms shows the presence of resins in the cells.

11. The resins are not present.

12. Presence of xylem tracheid only the vessels are absent.

12. Presence of xylem vessels in transporting tissues.

13. Companion cells are absent in the phloem cells.

13. Presence of companion cells.


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