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The modifications of tap root system are:




1. Fleshy Tap roots(Four types)

Modified for food storage


a. Fusiform root

Swollen in the middle, tapering towards both the ends

Raphanus sativus (Radish)

b. Conical root

Broad towards the base and gradually tapers towards the apex.

Daucus carota (Carrot)

c. Napiform root

Thickest at the base and takes spherical shape.

Suddenly thins out towards lower side

Beta vulgaris (Beet root)

d. Tuberous root

No definite shape

Mirabilis jalapa (4 o’ clock plant)

2. Nodulated roots

Presence of nodules on branches.

Responsible for symbiosis and nitrogen fixation

Arachis hypogeal (Groundnut)

3. Pneumatophores
Breathing roots

Negatively geotropic

Bears small pores called lenticels on apical region for gaseous exchange

Mangroves like Avicennia


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