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  1. The roots which arise from any part of the plant other than radical is called adventitious root.
  2. The adventitious roots along with its branches together constitute the adventitious root system.
  3. The primary root is short lived.
  4. It is underground or aerial.
  5. All roots are generally fibrous.
  6. It is a surface feeder.
  7. In this system, there is no differentiation into primary, secondary or tertiary root.
  8. It is usually found is monocotyledonous plants.

Based on the nature of their development, adventitious roots maybe of the following subtypes:




1. Foliar Roots

They develop from the leaves

Begonia, Byrophyllum

2. Fibrous Roots

They are given off in clusters from the base of the stem

Sorghum (Jowar),

Oriza (Rice), Zea (Maize)

3. True adventitious roots

They are roots given off from many plants from their lower nodes and internodes

Sorghum, Zea


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