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The economic importances of the green revolution are:

  1. The introduction of the high yielding strains of the cultivars resulted in the increased production of the cereals and grains.
  2. The increase in the irrigation resulted in the need new dams for water harvesting. It was also used for the hydroelectric power. It also improved the quality of life of the village people.
  3. It created plenty of jobs for the farmers, industrial workers etc.
  4. The high yielding crops varieties need more fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and chemicals.
  5. The need for more fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides increased the growth of the local manufacturing sectors that is resulting in the industrial growth.
  6. The green revolution paid way for India to pay back all the loans that has been taken from the World Bank for the green revolution.
  7. Some of the developed countries were impressed by the result of the green revolution in India. So they requested the government to supply them with the experienced farmers. This increased the India’s foreign exchange earnings.
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