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The main characteristics of Liverworts are:

  1. The liverworts are small plants.
  2. The plant body is thalloid which bears underground structures known as the rhizoids.
  3. They do not possess true roots, stems and leaves.
  4. The thallus is dorsiventral and is appressed to the substrate.
  5. The liverworts reproduce asexually by gemmae formation.
  6. Gemmae are the reproductive structure produced inside the gemmae cup.
  7. The life cycle of liverworts also shows alternation of generation. The sporophytic generation produces the spores which give rise to the gametophyte forming the male and female gametophyte.
  8. The male and female gametes fuse to produce the zygote which grows into sporophyte and produces the spore there by completing the life cycle.
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