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The main characteristics of the Mosses are:

  1. The mosses are the plants which are inhabit on moist brick walls and they form a thick layer as a mat on forest floor as well as on the shaded trees.
  2. Mosses also require water as a medium for completing their life cycle.
  3. The gametophytic plant body has short stem and large number of whorls of leaves surrounding it.
  4. There is alternation of generation between the haploid gametophytic phase and the diploid sporophytic phase.
  5. The gametophytic phase produces the haploid gametes.
  6. The sperm is produced inside the antheridia and egg is produced inside the archegonia.
  7. Fertilization occurs resulting in the formation of the zygote which undergoes mitosis and forms the sporophyte.
  8. The gametophytic plant body anchor to the substratum by means of rhizoids.
  9. The sporophyte is attached to the gametophytic plant body. It lacks chlorophyll it depends on the photosynthetic gametophyte.
  10. The sporophyte consists of the foot, stalk and a capsule.
  11. By meiotic division the haploid spores are produced inside the capsule.
  12. As the spores  matures the lid of the capsule get opened.
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