Compare the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of tap root system, fibrous root system and the adventitious root system?
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Tap root system

Fibrous root system

Adventitious root system


The tap root system arises from the radicle of the embryo.

The fibrous root system arises from the base of the stem where the radicle is short lived.

The adventitious root system arises from any of the organs of the plant body other than the radicle.

Morphology and function (advantage)

It goes deeply into the soil so they can easily absorb water from the deeper regions.

It is fibrous in nature found in the upper layer itself so that such plants easily respond to the fertilizer application.

It is an important method of vegetative reproduction. The adventitious root may be aerial or underground.


More amount of fertilizers and nutrients are needed to get absorbed by plants

This type of root is not favourable to the water scarce area or drought. So such plants live in the areas where water is easily available.

Characteristic of the Plant

It is the characteristic of the dicot plants.

It is the characteristic of the monocot plants.

Present both in dicot and monocot.


Pea, Mango, Carrot, Beet root etc.

Maize, wheat, paddy, Coconut etc.

Pandanus, Banyan, Bamboo, grasses etc.