in Body Fluids and Circulation (Cardiovascular System, Circulatory system) by

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Blood = Plasma + Cells (RBC’s, WBC’s, Platelets)

Lymph = Plasma + WBC’s

Plasma = Water + Nutrients + Waste products + Gases (i.e. everything except any cell)



1. It forms circulatory system

1. It forms lymphatic system

2. RBC’s and platelets present

2. RBC’s and platelets absent

3. Neutrophils are more

3. Lymphocytes in largest amount

4. Soluble proteins in large amount but insoluble in small amount

4. Soluble proteins in small amount and insoluble in large amount

5. Oxygen and nutrients in large amount but carbon-di-oxide less

5. Carbon-di-oxide in large amount

6. It is of red color

6. It is colorless