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The characteristic features of the dicotyledons are:

  1. These plants possess embryo which has two cotyledons.
  2. These plants have leaves with reticulate venation i.e. the veins are in the form of network or reticulum.
  3. The root of the dicots is usually primary tap root system.
  4. The dicot plant show secondary growth in the stem and root so as to increase the girth of the plant body.
  5. The vascular cambium is present which later give rise to the secondary xylem and phloem.
  6. The floral whorls are found as four or five or a multiple of it.
  7. The stem possesses the vascular bundle arranged in a ring pattern.
  8. Limited number of vascular bundles or xylem and phloem groups is seen.
  9. The pith is absent in the root.
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